5 Sensational Photographers You Have Probably Never Heard of

If you’re a photographer or photo enthusiast chances are you’re part of a few photography / art social networks such as DeviantArt, 1x, 500px, or flickr (just to name a few.) If that’s the case you also know it can be extremely difficult to sift through and find a lot of sensational photographs that you haven’t already seen. The popular photos get more popular and not everyone browses through the recent photos past a few days (who has time!?). I find that a lot of artists don’t get the proper recognition, especially on the large sites like DeviantArt and Flickr, because there’s an overwhelming amount of artwork being uploaded every minute.

When I have time, I really like to dig down deep and try to find new artists. Today, I’ve found 5… and I really think you’re going to enjoy their work!

Landscape / Waterscape Photography:

Name: AtomicZen (no real name given)
Location: Sydney, Australia

Campfire photography inspiration, amazing fire photography

amazing ocean photography, amazing beach photography

amazing ocean photography, amazing beach photography

Bridge Photography Inspiration, amazing bridge photography

View more of AtomicZen’s Photography »

Celebrity / Athlete Photography:

Name: Tim Tadder
Location: California, USA

Dwayne Wade photography, athlete photography

Mountaineer Photography, extreme photography

Payton Manning photography, football photography

swimmer photography, underwater photography

View more of Tim Tadder’s Photography »

Macro Photography:

Name: Nadav Bagim
Location: Ramat-Gan, Israel

Ant Macro Photography

Praying Mantis Photography

Snail Macro Photography

Spider Macro Photography

View more of Nadav Bagim’s Photography »

Automotive Photography:

Name: Richard Thompson III
Location: California, USA

Amazing Porsche Photography

Chrysler 300 Photography

Amazing Corvette Photography

Exotic Porsche Racing Photography

View more of Richard Thompson’s Photography »

Surreal HDR Architecture Photography:

Name: Frank Grace
Location: Massachusetts, USA

amazing HDR church photography

amazing HDR Theater photography

sensational HDR Theater photography

beautiful  HDR Theater photography

View more of Frank Grace’s Photography »

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5 Responses

  1. Nicole says:

    Some great photos there! Amazing.

  2. Anna DeLeo says:

    Jeff, this is awesome! You should share a “new photographer” post every month so we can look forward to your findings!

  3. Martina Coriano Photography says:

    Beautiful work!! Thanks for sharing it.

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