20 of the Most Spectacular Winter Photographs You’ve Probably Never Seen

Let’s face it we all love warm weather (if you don’t, you’re probably insane), but the true beauty of winter is undeniable. Now, I don’t know where you’re visiting this site from, but if you’re a Southern New Englander you probably love the first snowfall and hate just about every one after that. Well this year has been a fluke in our little region of the world (thanks global warming!). It’s almost halfway through February and it’s only really snowed once (our snow season is typically November – March). I’m really beginning to miss being able to grab my camera and go for a hike in a snow covered forest. So what I decided to do is scour my favorite photo sites and create a post to highlight some of the most brilliant and inspirational winter photographs (and manipulations) from around the world. Enjoy!

ps. Click on the images below to see the original photos (manipulations) & to learn more about the photographers!

Snowy Rozsutec peak Photography
Rozsutec Peak by Thomas Sereda

amazing snow covered landscape photography
Sound of Silence by Mark Peters

Winter Sunset Photo
Winter Tales (part 1) by Werol

Inspiring Horizon Photography
Lost Horizon III by RealityDream

Snowy River Bank Photo Inspiration
Well Trodden Path by Jason Theaker

snowy forest photography
Magic Forest by Deep21

Snow flake macro shot
Piece of Winter by FangedFem

Trees Covered in Snow
Moving through a Monochromatic World by Edmund Lim

Winter Sunrise Photography
Everyday Like This by Dorin Bofan

HDR snow photography
A Chilly Night in Boston by Trey Ratcliff

Frozen Lake Photography
Crater Lake by Mark Adamus

Giant Tree Photography
Staying Together by Andreas Wonisch

Snow Covered Plains
Moulin Sundog by Angus Clyne

amazing frozen waterfall
Snow Queen by Kresimir Tubikanec

Mountain Blizzard photography
Golden Blizzard by Arild Heitmann

cute snowman photography
Abominable Snowman by Loren Zemlicka

Mountain Chapel Photography
Wallberg Chapel by Marei

Snowy Night Photography
Nebeleinbruch by Robin Holler

Foggy Winter Lake
Mysterious Winter by Kari Liimatainen

frozen pond photography
Winter on Plitvice by Kresimir Tubikanec

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10 Responses

  1. Linda says:

    Love the pics!  Thanks for sharing. 

  2. deb saine says:

    thanks so much for sharing these, jeff! they are incredible!

  3. Marijn says:

    Very nice, too bad they are not available in highres for wallpaper use 🙂

  4. Scotsvoice says:

    absolutely stunning!

  5. LogoBlog says:

    Very Wonderful photographs, this is very pleasureful to watch the photos here!

  6. Agabmpmart says:

    Jeff fantastic photos. AJ’s & Stef’s gram

  7. Alex Vander Molen (Unilauh) says:

    These are indeed some of the most amazing photographs I have seen!

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