10 Phenomenal Underwater Photographs That’ll Inspire You to Get to the Ocean

Sure most of us get to the beach every summer (except for those landlocked folks!), but there are so many aspects to the deep blue that we never get to see. Fortunately for us there are many courageous underwater photographers who venture out with their cameras and capture spectacular oceanic photos for us enjoy.

Underwater Sting Ray by Ellen Cuylaerts
Sleepy hollow…shallow… by Ellen Cuylaerts

scuba diver photography by jacques_de_Vos
Lady of the Deep by Jacques de Vos

Sea Lion Photography by Jon Cornforth
Stellar Sea Lion by Jon Cornforth

Underwater Cave Diving by Viktor Lyagushkin
Left Passage by Viktor Lyagushkin

Surfing Photography by Jeff Farsai
Surfing by Jeff Farsai

Sea turtle Photography by Lennart Kuijs
Eclipse by Lennart Kuijs

Shark Photography by Andrey Narchuk
Unity Andrey Narchuk

Sea turtle Photography by Patrick Dancel
Sunny Rainy Day by Patrick Dancel

Whale Shark Photography by Tony Rath
All Things Great and Small by Tony Rath

Scuba Diver Photography by Jacques de Vos
My Office by Jacques de Vos

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