10+ Astonishing & Inspirational Photo Manipulations

We all love a good photograph – they can easily inspire us and change our mood. But there are talented photographers & digital artists out there that take photos to another level by manipulating them into pure digital art. I’m not talkin’ about simple saturation changes to eyeballs, I’m talkin’ about the people who can take 5, 10, or even more images and blend them into a true visual spectacle. Here are a few of my favorites!

Inspirational Cityscape Photo Manipulation
Modern Magic by Vitaly Alexius

Inspirational Guitar Photo Manipulation
Metamorphosis by Laura Ferreira

Inspirational Nature Photo Manipulation
The Music Nature by Jericó S.

Inspiration Automotive Photo Manipulation
Authority Blowing Away by Félix Ajenjo

Inspirational Cat Photo Manipulation
How to Catch a Mouse by Sneza

Inspirational Nature Photo Manipulation
Seasonscape by Vitaly Alexius

Inspirational Nature Photo Manipulation
Ecosystem 9: Telefantasy by David Waters

Inspirational Nature Photo Manipulation
The End of Pandora by Heiko Klug

Inspirational Insect Photo Manipulation
Half Full Snail by FreeStyledLove

Inspirational Nature Photo Manipulation
Archipelago by Marcin Stryczek

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome images! Amazing what these talented artists can do both digitally and with their imagination…  Thanks for sharing!

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