Whoops! Try again!

Whoops! Try again!

Cat runs into saran wrapped door

Apple is double-charging its fanboys and no one has noticed.

Apple iCloudMatt Medeiros made a good point a few weeks ago when Apple released its new iCloud Service. Apple has been able to successfully double-charge people (in a sense) and no one has even noticed. The new iCloud system is great, I really enjoy being able to sync my calendars, contacts, and email wirelessly on all my devices… but what about my music collection?

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Antelope Pummels Cyclist [Video]

Another great find from my buddy Jesse Friedman. Seems as though the animals are finally getting back at us. Granted, this particular individual didn’t deserve this (hopefully). I’ve seen videos of mountain lions doing this in the USA, but those are predators, this is strange. I’m curious as to what sparked the Antelope to act like that?

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A nice still shot to ponder about… I wonder if he ever saw him coming? Probably not!
Antelope attacks Cyclist