Category: Design Finds


GRID-IT™ Organizer

If you’re like me, you’re semi-organized, but typically run out of pockets to hold everything or at least don’t have a space to contain all your goods in one central location. Not anymore… check...


Most Amazing Javascript Effects Ever

Today @Desrosj showed me a new interactive & colorful musical website called Lights. This has to be the most amazing JavaScripting I’ve seen to date. Where one would typically assume it’s a flash site,...


Photoshop's image "unblur" filter

This is absolutely amazing. I can’t even grasp the concept of the algorithms used to replaced detail that was never there to begin with, but I can’t wait to try it out!


Younique Letterpress Cards

I just absolutely love the simplicity and elegance of younique’s  new letterpress business cards. Just look at the texture of these wonderfully designed business cards. Extra points for the beautiful presentation as well.


iPod Nano Watch

So it might be slightly outdated news, but I finally got to see one of these in person last week. A good friend & fellow web developer Jesse Friedman had one of these sweet...